Solo exhibition


From inside and outside

Gallery Torhaus Rombergpark



06th of june to 27th of june, 2021


On display are scanographies on "inside" and photographs on the subject of "outside".

Introductory speech by art historian M.A. Anke Schmich.


Due to the situation, the exhibition can only be viewed virtually. However, I am exhibiting my works for real in the rooms of the Torhaus!

In order to make the exhibition accessible to art lovers despite Corona, the room will be filmed in a 360-degree view so that the overall impression can be experienced, and in addition, each work will also be shown as a close-up.

The exhibition and Anke Schmich's speech can thus be seen and heard in the gallery's online presence - 24 hours a day!

The link to the gallery will be announced here in due time. At the moment, the current exhibition can still be seen there.







Meet me on the





November 26th to 28th, 2021


Represented by Galerie Böhner , Mannheim


Sonja Heller.

"This is the Sea 3"

Florida, Key Biscayne. Privately owned

Sonja Heller

Art Intermedia. Visual Poetry.