Typo Portrait

The symbiosis of word and picture

Sonja Heller's focus is on visual poetry. Herein lies the peculiarity of their work: the complexity of the theme is reflected in the implementation, which, however, seems to be superficially playful. The viewer is encouraged to explore the narrative work and discover hidden things in it.


For the implementation of their own literary texts and picture elements are used as printmaking.

The pictorial material corresponds with the text in a form that can remove each element of its identity and merge it into a new expression.


When implemented as objects, the works often show an anamorphotic character. These works of image and typography require a change of position of the observer, before the actual statement opens.

"Society-wide, local and global, the clearest edge is currently being shown by an old-fashioned, angry teenager from Sweden. Sonja Heller portrays Greta Thunberg in a comic-like representation and in the current round icon look of social media. The picture is completed graphically by a fictional dialogue between Greta and her grandfather Olof. In a limited space, the artist composes today's elements of optical communication - comic / graphic novel, icon, text - and thus brings the whole complexity of the phenomenon "Greta" into the picture: a girl recognizes her individual responsibility for a major problem of humanity and within a few months it becomes a global icon of the climate movement, not least caused and accelerated by the new media. "


Dr. Hermann Ühlein, tzzk

Sonja Heller

Art Intermedia. Visual Poetry.