Art buying

My art is available through Saatchi Gallery as well as through me directly. Please note that a gallery commission is included in the purchase price at Saatchi.

You are welcome to ask me about the prices for a direct purchase.


In general, format wishes can be taken into account.

My works are available as prints on Alu-Dibond and behind acrylic, also as high quality photo prints. My partner for this is the award-winning photo lab Whitewall.


Sonja Heller.

"This is the Sea 3"

Florida, Key Biscayne. Privately owned


Architecture in detail

A wide sky and below, someday, a roof. Sonja Heller photographically captures architectural details with this unusual perspective, her gaze rising steeply upwards. The focus is not on the building, but on the aesthetics and tension between surface and shape through decades of architectural styles.


The artist shows striking, urban portraits of the scanned city and a new and unusual view of architecture - she lets the viewer discover unnoticed details and new perspectives in the formal reduction.

Architektur im Detail.jpg

Sonja Heller

Art Intermedia. Visual Poetry.